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A 5 day course to prepare you for your clinical proficiency exam (CPE)

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We are foreign trained veterinarians ourselves, we've gone through the same struggles you have and want to share our experience and facilities with you to help you better prepare for the difficult exams you face in becoming North America licensed veterinarians.

  • Experience taking and understanding the requirements of the CPE exam.
  • Courses that really focus on what you need specifically to pass your particular exam, focused on the areas you feel need the most growth.
  • Self study resources made available to all candidates, including cases and differentials.

We take time to craft each schedule for the student(s) coming to our program, ensuring that all areas of stress are addressed as best as we are able.


Hands on Equine training, all CPE stations

In depth physical exam with lameness exams on sound horses, videos of lame horses (as in exam in 2021), skill demonstration and practice on live horses.

Ruminant training, all CPE stations

Physical exam for clinical case practice on goats, sheep, calves, and dairy cows. Including mastitis exam, pregnancy palpation, and discussion on obstetrics.

Complete Small Animal training (SAM), all CPE stations

Physical exam dog, skill demonstration and practice on live dogs. Timed SAM2 case drills, and feedback.


Providing feline necropsy specimen, formaldahyde fixed (Self Study).

Radiology: Theory

Common pitfalls, safety, and positioning.


Step by step discussion of best practices: ligature techniques, surgical scrub, four corner draping and sterile technique, timing, and common pitfalls.


Anesthetic machine review, drug calculation and protocols, leak and hiss test discussion, drip rate, sterile IV catheter placement, induction/intubation, troubleshooting, common pitfalls.


Hear what others are saying about our programs.

I’m a Korean veterinarian, as I took 3 rotations in Anesthesia and will take 2 Shelter Surgery rotations, I was more worried about large animal sections. I had a couple large animal rotations in OSU, but I still was not skilled and experienced about large animals because I literally had a ZERO experience about large animals in Korea. It’s a small farm of Dr.T. She has 8 horses, 10 cattles, 15 sheep, 1 goat, and 4 dogs.(Could be little different, and she also has chickens, ducks, and rabbits too). She also got her US vet license going through the process as a foreign trained veterinarian. She taught me all the clinical skills(including lameness diagnosis) and common fatal flows in CPE, how to do physical exams properly on a dog, cattle, horse, and goat, how to wear a gown and gloves and place a surgical drape aseptically. We spent the rest time on doing a mock exams for SAM1,2, equine, and food animals sections. She also offered the necropsy. For me, the whole course was pretty helpful, especially her detailed description about the CPE and how to prepare the CPE efficiently. I read the MOA several times but was not sure what’s allowed and what’s offered in Vegas, and that vague guidelines were making me nervous and hard to prepare the CPE. But now I feel much more comfortable about the CPE and very clear? about my study plan before the exam. Overall, I highly recommend to other CPE candidates.

Dr. S


CPE Bootcamp I owe you. My week there has given me so much, I went back home completely changed and confident I could pass the exam. For the CPE I wasted a lot of time in trying to study each disease but after the first couple of weeks I realized it was not working for me. So I started grouping all diseases per body apparatus involved and it helped but it was a long process and it was impossible to include them all so I picked the ones I though I could remember better. I’ve only done this for large and food animals. Then I went to CPE bootcamp and finally everything made sense. I’m a clinician so with the animal in front of me everything went in the right place and I understood how to handle the exam. I focused on history/prevention/clinical exam, and then I memorized few diseases per apparatus as differentials. I’m a small animals vet and I used kind of the same approach to rule out/in diseases with differentials. Treatment and herd care were easy at that point and Dr. Thompson really helped in this whole process.

Dr. C


I recommend CPE Bootcamp with Dr. Thompson in Missouri to anyone studying for their exam especially for large animal training. I passed my large animal sections in June easily with her training (real hands on training on her farm) even though I hadn't touched any horses or cattle in last 10 years. She also helped me with SAM2 , SAM3 and even SAM1 mock cases and Necropsy.

Dr. A





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The individuals who keep CPE bootcamp running.

Dr. Joanna Thompson DVM PHD


Cristian Thompson

Co-Owner/CTO/Animal Trainer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your COVID policy?

    We require students to be fully vaccinated,including an annual booster.

  • Do you offer hands on surgery training?

    Yes, we do.

  • We live in Doniphan, MO. There are several potential options for air fare to our location. One is in Cape Girardeau, MO (2 hour drive), another is Memphis, TN(2 hours and 21 Minutes), and the other is St. Louis, MO (3 hour drive). St. Louis and Memphis both have car rental availability. Please be aware that navigation via Google Maps is the most reliable way to get to us, Apple Maps registers our address at the wrong location!

  • We do not typically offer training on the weekends as this is often the only recovery time available for animals and instructors.

  • Yes we offer up to 4 students a private bedroom free of cost. As well as access to a students only bathroom and living room, with study areas. Occupancy can be co-ed.

  • We typically recommend to book a session two to four months before your CPE exam. Often times students realize during the course of the program that they could benefit from additional time to solidify the content learned. So don't cut it too close.

  • While we try our best to accomodate everyone, our spots do fill up quickly. We advise to reserve your session several months in advance of your CPE exam date. To ensure that your preferred dates are available.

  • In order to be cleared for a booking you must submit evidence of covid vaccination and booster and screenshot of your ECFVG enrollment page. We ask for a deposit of $500 (USD) to hold a spot. It is refundable up to 60 days before your scheduled session start date. Once you agree on a window with Dr. Thompson, she will send you an invoice through Square for your deposit.

  • The remainder of the deposit is due on site during the training. Payment options will be online payment via Square. The remainder of the fee is due a week prior to the training or by the the date of the invoice sent. This fee is non-refundable.

  • No we are not associated with or endorsed by either the ECFVG nor the AVMA.


Have questions or concerns we haven't covered. Please contact us.

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5909 State Highway 142 W, Doniphan MO, 63935

Navigation via Google Maps is the most reliable way to get to us, be aware that Apple Maps registers our address at the wrong location!

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